Tuesday June 1st, 2021, en General para Amicoche.com

Amicoche continues to grow and we are the main Spanish platform for car sharing without paying commissions. We do not charge any commission to the passenger or the driver, advertising being the way to pay for the platform. The payment of the passengers to the driver is made directly between them during the trip (either by telematic means contactless such as

At Amicoche we want to democratize car sharing and that anyone can find a ride in a shared car at a good price and without paying commissions.

The River Duratón as it passes through the municipality of Sebúlcor (SG)

Publish your next carpooling trips now through the free app for Andorid or the Amicoche website. Do not forget to keep all the corresponding sanitary measures (such as wearing a mask, using hydro-alcoholic gel, etc.) and being responsible we can move and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Happy carpooling!


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