Tuesday June 29th, 2021, en General para Amicoche.com

Here is a message that we invite you to share in your WhatsApp groups, on your Facebook wall or on your favorite social network so that your friends and acquaintances can get to know Amicoche, your carpooling platform that allows you to share a car without paying commissions. Here it goes:

👉🏽 amicoche.com is a free platform to carpool without paying commissions (neither the passenger nor the driver) since it is paid in cash or Bizum. When charging / paying at the moment you do not have to enter bank details. Being a member is totally free.

⬇️ Download the free ‘Amicoche’ app on Google Play (+ 15K downloads):

👌🏽 Thank you for giving 5 stars to our app, 👍🏽 ‘I like’ Amicoche on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

📱 To register or log in we recommend using the Facebook button as it is more convenient (a new window may open). Otherwise, use the email and password option.
Note: If you have logged in with Fb but prefer to use email and password go to the web, log in with Fb and go to Profile> Social networks> Disconnect. Log out and click Forgot your password? There you can create a new one.

💻 Entering the web from a computer you can see available trips or search for the route you want in the search engine (recommended to search for origin and destination without putting the date). We also have an exclusive section for festival trips.

🛡️ Security: Leave opinions to other users you travel with and in the public profile you will see the cancellations that a user has made to others.

✔️ Check your email and mobile to be able to post trips and book seats.

ℹ️ If you use iOS and want to use Amicoche, create a shortcut in Safari to m.amicoche.com

Thank you very much for sharing! 😃

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