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The new Madrid Central APR is here and we like it or not it has not come to stay. So next we will explain the most relevant aspects of this traffic regulation in the capital of Spain.

Poster APR of Madrid Central

Poster APR of Madrid Central

What is the Madrid Central APR?

On Friday, November 30, 2018, in certain areas of Madrid, access by private vehicles to non-residents in the APR area is restricted to reduce both acoustic and atmospheric pollution. This measure will be controlled with cameras on the access roads to those areas, where it will be signaled with a warning signal of video surveillance. There will be cameras at the entrances that will photograph the registration of the vehicles to check if they are authorized to enter the APR, contrasting it with their database of authorized vehicles.

Who has access?

Only residents of that area, cars with resident authorization of the SER (Regulated Parking Service), public transport, ambulances, taxis, bicycles, those vehicles that park in a parking or lodging establishment located in the APR (requesting previously an access authorization), those that have an invitation from a resident and motorcycles from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Access authorizations for other vehicles

Authorizations for one day access: The limit is 20 per month can not be increased in number other months in which the resident justifies having received a home delivery service by way of delivery note or invoice.

One-year authorizations: Up to three vehicles in case of works.

Authorizations of 5 years: Up to two additional vehicles for residents over 70 years of age, with reduced mobility or by a large family.

You can request it by calling 010 Madrid Line or outside 915 298 210 or in person at the Madrid citizenship offices.

Calle Madrid APR

Carpooling in Amicoche is a good solution for avoinding APR

Zones delimited by the APR:

Access by private vehicle in Madrid to non-residents in the area from Plaza España, Bailén and Gran Vía to Puerta de Toledo, Atocha and Colón will be prohibited. Click to see on a map the limits of Madrid Central

Other streets that delimit it are: Alberto Aguilera, Carrranza, Sagasta, Genoa, Paseo de Recoletos, Paseo del Prado, Ronda de Atocha, Ronda de Valencia, Ronda de Toledo, Gran Vía de San Francisco, Bailén, Plaza de España, Princesa and Serrano Jover.

The 10 km of the outer perimeter of the Madrid Centro APR have been signaled by the Town Hall with double red lines on the asphalt, and pictograms painted on the asphalt of its access roads. It has also placed vertical signage to inform the entry to these areas.

There is no doubt that a good solution to avoid the complications arising from driving through the Madrid APR is carpooling. So when you travel, we encourage you to share a car in where the driver and the passenger can carpooling without paying any commission. And don’t forget to download our free app Amicoche for Android.

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