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Web de Amicoche para compartir coche

Amicoche website for carpooling


Amicoche is a free Spanish platform for car sharing without paying commissions and traveling economically through Spain and Europe. The drivers post their shared trips with the seats that they have left and the travelers find an easy, economical and ecological way to travel.

How it all started? In a first phase we launched a beta version of the website where we improved and polished its operation and after that first phase we now have a few months with the definitive version of Amicoche fully operational. Of course there is much to improve, but we are an alternative that allows you to contact drivers and passengers without any of them paying any commission. And of course being a member is and will always be totally free. So, if you are tired of Blablacar, here is a free and easy to use alternative.

But in addition to the Amicoche website, you also have our free app on Google Play (“Amicoche”) that already has more than 6,000 downloads despite the little time since its launch and that we have many improvements to implement. We encourage you to download it and give us 5 stars and a positive comment, since that helps us to appear at the top of our sector and allows us to let more people know us and put people in contact to share a car to travel.

App gratuita de Amicoche para compartir coche

Free Amicoche car sharing app

To all iOS users, we inform you that in the medium term we will also have available the app in Apple Store. At the moment we have available the mobile web page of Amicoche that loads very quickly from mobile devices and adapts to the screen of the device automatically. If you use Apple devices, we recommend that you create a direct access to with your favorite browser, in order to quickly access the Amicoche mobile web.

As for its operation, it is very basic and you will be able to register and publish or search for your carpool trips. Although remember that, for the safety of other users, to access all functions (publish, reserve a place, etc.) you must first verify your email and your phone number to verify that they are real. Once this is done you will be able to find people with whom to travel by car in your trips, whether they are for leisure or to go to work or to study. We also have a section of festivals and events where you can find carpool trips to easily reach your favorite festival. And if one is missing, you can suggest it to us and we add it.

On the other hand, inform you that we have made several improvements on the web. These include the installation of an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that allows the connection to be private and your data travel encrypted. We take the security of our users very seriously and that is why we have implemented this improvement.

Finally, reiterate our firm will to gradually improve the web and the Amicoche app so that car sharing becomes easier and you do not have to pay any commission as it happens with Blablacar. We only ask for a little patience in the implementation of the improvements.

If you like our project (which is completely free) please support us. You can do it in this simple way:

-Give us 5 stars and a good comment in the “Amicoche” app of the Google Play Store.

-Give us a “Like” on Facebook “Amicoche” and our publications.

-Follow us on Twitter (@amicoche) and Google Plus (“Amicoche”).

– Share with your friends and WhatsApp groups that exists

-Compare in your wall of your social networks with your friends and groups that exists

-View the ads of the web and the Amicoche app and click on them if you are interested. We do not use invasive advertising.

-Make a donation by Paypal to

Thank you very much for reading and good trip!


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